Unified Metrics Library - Sustainable oceans/seas practices

Helper question

Did the company have sustainable oceans and seas practices or policies, during the period?


Sustainable oceans and seas require comprehensive management strategies addressing some of the most important issues including fishing regulations, pollution and climate change. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water particularly focuses on this issue.


Boolean: Yes or No


The purpose of the indicator is to evaluate if an organisation has adopted policies or practices for sustainable oceans and seas.

The EU’s Blue Economy Observatory provides detailed data for all sectoral and cross-sectoral economic activities based on or related to the oceans, seas and coasts.

Regulatory Definition

According to the (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, it is defined as "Share of investments in investee companies without sustainable oceans/seas practices or policies"



If the company lacks any policies and guidelines related to sustainable oceans and seas.