Green House Gas
Carbon Accounting

We assist corporates in the process of accounting their Green House Gas emissions. We cover all types of sources from Scope1/2/3.

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A simple process to collect all your Carbon emissions

Emission sources identification

Depending on you emission source, we guide you through the accounting methods


We use the "GHG Protocol" standard, and propose activity/location/material based methods of calculation


Visualize your carbon emissions per source. Use results in your Regulatory reports (such as SFDR)

Why us ?

Green House Gas accounting is often part of larger scope ESG data collection and reporting. FINGREEN AI can assist you managing the whole process, without the need for external carbon accounting solutions.

A simple and intuitive data collection process

We help you through the data collection process.

Approved methodology

We use the GHG Protocol, which is the worldwide standard for Green House Gas emissions reporting.

GHG Protocol - Green House Gas Protocol

A detailed Carbon emissions report

We produce Carbon emissions reports in various format with each value explained and referenced to date sources with computation rules.