Unified Metrics Library - Sustainable land/agriculture practices

Helper question

Did the company have sustainable sustainable agriculture or management of land practices or policies, during the period?


Sustainable agriculture and management of land involve practices that cover the organisation’s approach to its activities concerning agricultural activities such as farming and food production. It’s crucial to have a comprehensive approach, which is usually reflected by the company’s sustainability policy, to both sustainable agriculture and the management of land as they are highly intertwined.


Boolean: Yes or No


The indicator aims to evaluate whether the company have active policy and/or guideline in place that covers the company’s activities concerning sustainable agriculture and management of land.

As a part of its Green Deal and common agricultural policy CAP 2023-2027 efforts , the EU has established a framework to align farmers' agricultural practices with sustainability. You can check some of the activities that fall under sustainable agriculture practices.

Regulatory Definition

According to the (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, it is defined as "Share of investments in investee companies without sustainable land/agriculture practices or policies"



The organization shall disclose whether it has implemented policies and/or practices concerning sustainable agriculture or management of land.