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You need...
Our solution...
an efficient way to collect and manage ESG data-sets from your portfolio of companies
collects data directly from your portfolio companies and securely stores it on our centralized platform, without you needing to lift a finger
a digital solution that helps you and your stakeholders understand and visualise complex ESG frameworks and metrics across your portfolio
translates global sustainability frameworks then transforms your portfolio's data into an understandable and visual dashboard with downloadable PDF reporting
a way to report under article 6, 8 or 9 of the SFDR
delivers traceable and accurate SFDR reporting for article 6,8 & 9 across your portfolio including PAI's and website disclosure
an understanding of your EU Taxonomy alignment and eligibility
determines your EU Taxonomy alignment and eligibility including turnover, Cap Ex, Op Ex and more.

We've simplified the complexities of ESG

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75 %

Manual Tasks Automated


ESG Metrics Covered

6 x

Faster Reporting Process

Improve your ESG Performance

Gain a better understanding of your portfolio's performance on material ESG factors
Streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency
Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty
Influence long-term management strategy and policy
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