Our team

Louis Frank
Louis Frank
Founder / CEO
Nick Inge
Nick Inge
Founder / COO
Sebastien Peterson
Sebastien Peterson
Founder / CTO
Alban Tiberghien
Alban Tiberghien
Full Stack Software Engineer
Sacha Vandermeersch
Sacha Vandermeersch
Business Development
Sacha Vandermeersch
Constance Jeanjean
Business Development
Flor-Esperanza Derey
Flor-Esperanza Derey

Our mission

FINGREEN AI's purpose is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable financial system through the power of data, Al and traceability

Our Values


Technology and innovation are key to our solution. We have developed proprietary technology allowing us to optimize every process.

Long Term Engagement

Our goal is to help all private market stakeholders understand and master their portfolio's ESG performance and achieve their long term goals.

Absolute Traceability

Moving away from black-box methodologies and greenwashing, transparency and traceability are the fundamentals of our ESG solutions.

Open and explainable methodology

One of the main challenges for FINGREEN AI is to ensure complete transparency, from data collection to reporting. Thus, our users, as well as their partners, can verify that no bias has been introduced. This aims to enable informed investment choices based on reliable and accurate information, thereby reducing the prevalence of greenwashing, whether intentional or not.

This approach is reflected in the open licensing of all our data sources, definitions, and translations of various concepts from regulatory texts, as well as all source codes involved in calculating different metrics and indicators.

Through Greenlang, FINGREEN AI introduces the first open-source component promoting transparency, interoperability, and collaboration in the ESG reporting domain.

FINGREEN AI firmly believes that open source is the future of ESG data and that by adopting this approach, we can eliminate greenwashing and promote a sustainable financial system that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and genuine environmental impact.

AI is the future of ESG

At FINGREEN AI our goal is to harness the unparalleled capabilities of AI to drive efficiency, accuracy, and depth in ESG reporting.

Automated Precision Through AI:
We are working to automation data collection processes, striving to minimise human intervention and maximise precision. Reducing human hours, and human error. Our AI hub is equipped with sophisticated algorithms that autonomously read and interpret vast arrays of documents with speed and accuracy.

Introducing our AI assistant:
Central to our AI-driven approach is our AI assistant, acting as the bridge between users and our advanced AI infrastructure, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient ESG data collection process. Employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning capabilities to engage in meaningful interactions, this virtual assistant streamlines the user experience, offering guidance, answering queries, and facilitating seamless data input. It is like having 1000 ESG experts helping you in your data collection.

Data Quality Redefined:
In the realm of ESG, the quality of data is paramount. Our AI algorithms continually evolves with learning from patterns, historical data, and industry best practices. This iterative learning process refines our AI models, empowering them to adapt to changing regulatory landscapes and evolving sustainability standards.

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Data & security

Data security

We follow security best practises, enforcing multi-layered policies for our Cloud infrastructure, Corporate IT and software stacks.

User access control

We have put in place granular access control, based on organizations and individual user profiles.

Data privacy

We comply with EU GDPR requirements. See our privacy policy.

Data residency

All customer data is hosted in datacenters located in France exclusively. Our 3rd party hosted data encryption keys policies prevent cloud providers from having access to hosted data.

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