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an efficient way to collect and manage ESG data-sets from your clients companies and portfolios
collects data directly from companies and securely stores it on our centralized platform, allowing you to focus on using the data, rather than collecting it!
more capacity within your budget to deepen your ESG insights for your clients
let's you manage accounts separately, collaborate with your customers and automate data based reporting, freeing up your time to focus on ESG insights and strategy.

We've simplified the complexities of ESG

Update your portfolio then login to see the results! We'll do the rest

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90 %

Manual Tasks Automated

88 %

Investors want to double ESG assets in 5 years

24 +

Industries Covered


ESG risk assessments and projections which can be personalized based on specific portfolio strategy
Centralized data collection to monitor vast data-sets across multiple portfolios.
Streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency
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Proprietary Technology


Our programming language developed in-house by our experts to translate and automate 20+ ESG standards and frameworks.

Explainable Technology

Innovative AI technology designed to enable full transparency and traceability.

Proof Management

Fraud detection system to ensure every declarative metric is thoroughly checked.

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