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Helper question

Did the organization's operations have a negative impact on threatened species based on the IUCN Red List and/or European Red List, during the period?


The term threatened species refers to flora and fauna that face a high risk of extinction in the near future. Flora and fauna refer to the collection of all plants and animals living in a particular region or environmental situation The indicator aims to delve into the organization's efforts to identify and minimize the negative impacts that may arise from its operations in the localities of threatened species.


Boolean: Yes or No


The classification of threatened species is commonly determined based on criteria established by conservation organizations, such as the IUCN. IUCN Red List is a comprehensive global inventory that assesses the conservation status of various species.

You can check if your activities are located in or near the localities of threatened species https://www.iucnredlist.org Check the European Red List for threatened species

Regulatory Definition

"Threatened species" means endangered species, including flora and fauna, listed in the European Red List or the IUCN Red List, as referred to in Section 7 of Annex II to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/2139.



If you have direct operations and/or share of investments in investee companies whose operations affect threatened species in localities mentioned in the European Red List or IUCN Red List.