Unified Metrics Library - Forced labour

Helper question

Was the company exposed to operations and suppliers at significant risk of incidents of forced or compulsory labour in terms in terms of geographic areas and/or the type of operation, during the period?


The presence and effective integration of risks related to forced labour into existing mechanisms within an organisation is crucial for sustainable business practices.


Boolean: Yes or No


The risk management process should identify operations and suppliers that are considered to have significant risks for incidents of forced or compulsory labour. Additionally, the mentioned guidelines should include measures taken by the organisation in the reporting period intended to contribute to the elimination of all forms of forced labour.

Regulatory Definition

According to the ILO Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29), forced or compulsory labour is: "all work or service which is exacted from any person under the threat of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily."



Examples of forced labour risks include the employment of workers with threats, withholding their identity papers, and pushing them to work extra hours with no prior agreement. Employment might occur directly in the company’s operations as well as global supply chains.