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Did you company have a waste sorting policy for offices during the period?


Offices play a significant role in making a business sustainable. The waste sorting process, which is at the heart of this process, is where waste is sorted into categories, according to material or recyclability.


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The waste management hierarchy serves as a framework for ranking the various waste management solutions in terms of preference. The cradle-to-grave concept, which tracks a product from its manufacture to its "grave" or ultimate disposal, is the foundation of this approach.

Regulatory Definition

"Waste management" means the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste, including the supervision of such operations and the after-care of disposal sites, and including actions taken as a dealer or broker.



An office business might start by placing recycling bins dedicated to the most used materials in the office. Sorted waste includes paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, scrap metal, compost, hazardous waste, residual waste and more.