Unified Metrics Library - Male employee training hours

Helper question

What average number of annual training hours per male employee related to the development of skills and competences, did the company provide, during the period?


The organisation should disclose the extent to which training and skills development is provided to its employees.




This indicator provides insight into the scale of an organization’s investment in training, and the degree to which the investment is made across the entire employee base. By providing per employee and gender based training data would enable the company’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.

Regulatory Definition

Training is defined as those initiatives put in place by the organisation aimed at the maintenance and/or improvement of skills and knowledge of its own workers. It can include different methodologies, such as on-site training, and online training.


Average training hours per employee = Total number of training hours provided to male employees / Total number of employees



The organisation can disclose the data in a table format, containing average hours of training per year per gender category and employee categories. See here for an example.