Unified Metrics Library - Discrimination incidents sanctioned

Helper question

How many incidents of discrimination in the workplace leading to sanctions were reported, during the period?


When disclosing the number of sanctioned incidents related to discrimination in the workplace, sanctions refer to financial sanctions. It covers only the sanctions applied against entities causing the impacts.




An "incident" refers to a legal action or complaint registered with the undertaking or competent authorities through a formal process or an instance of non-compliance identified by the undertaking through established procedures. With the number of incidents of discrimination leading to sanctions, the responsible entity should consider financial sanctions such as administrative monetary penalties (or fines).

Regulatory Definition

According to the (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, the metric is defined as "Number of incidents of discrimination leading to sanctions in investee companies, expressed as a weighted average".



Among the reported discrimination cases, the indicator asks for the organization to disclose which of those incidents are formally and legally sanctioned.