Unified Metrics Library - Number of days lost to injuries, accidents, fatalities or illness

Helper question

How many total equivalent workdays were lost to work-related injuries, accidents, fatalities or illness, during the period?


Lost days refer to the total number of work days that are lost (usually scheduled days) as a result of a worker's injury or illness.




Estimates of lost working days are expressed as full-time equivalent (FTE) working days to take account of variation in the daily hours worked (for example, part-timers who may work a shorter day or people who work particularly long hours). FTE is a unit of measurement used to figure out the number of full-time hours worked by all employees in a business.

Regulatory Definition

According to the (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, the metric is defined as "Number of workdays lost to injuries, accidents, fatalities or illness of investee companies expressed as a weighted average".



Days lost due to cases of occupational injury with temporary incapacity for work. Examples of such cases include falling from a height, manual mishandling of work-related machinery and faulty equipment usage.