Unified Metrics Library - Work accidents

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How many work accidents occured during the period?


The organization should be able to disclose the number and rate of work-related accidents.


Work accidents


A work accident is a discrete occurrence during the course of work which leads to physical or mental harm. The phrase ’in the course of work’ means whilst engaged in an occupational activity or during the time spent at work. This includes cases of road traffic accidents in the course of work but excludes accidents during the journey between home and the workplace.

This question directly relates to the "Social" pillar of ESG. It assesses the company's commitment to worker safety and well-being by measuring the frequency of workplace accidents. A high number of accidents indicates potential shortcomings in safety protocols, training, or risk management, raising concerns about worker welfare and potential legal liabilities.

Additional Considerations: - Severity of Accidents: While the question asks for the number of accidents, context should be provided regarding their severity (e.g., minor injuries, lost time injuries, fatalities). - Comparison: Benchmarking the accident rate against industry standards or previous periods helps paint a clearer picture of the company's safety performance. - Root Cause Analysis: Understanding the causes of accidents is crucial for improvement. Reporting on implemented actions to address these causes demonstrates proactive efforts towards continuous improvement in safety culture.

By presenting this information comprehensively, the company demonstrates its commitment to employee safety and responsible business practices, contributing to a positive ESG evaluation.



Accidents that occurred on the premises of an employer other than that which employs the victim; this might include accidents during attendance at meetings or in the course of providing services on the premises of another employer visited for that purpose, during the course of the victim’s work.