Unified Metrics Library - General gender diversity

Helper question

What was the proportion of individuals in the company that identify as women, as measured at the end of the period?


Gender diversity in the workplace involves the consideration, recognition and promotion of different skills, resources and potential of people of all genders – including men, women, transgender and non-binary individuals in all their diversity.




Making gender diversity part of work is a commitment to treating all employees with fairness, dignity, and respect, regardless of their gender, and recognizing that diverse perspectives lead to more robust and successful organizations.


"Proportion of women employees" = "Numer of women" / "Total number of employees" xx 100



Gender diversity in the workplace goes beyond the ratio of different genders in your organization. An indicator of strong gender diversity practice would include an equal balance of power at the board level. The representation of different genders should come in hand with executive, mid and senior-level management responsibilities.