Unified Metrics Library - Deforestation policy

Helper question

Did your organisation have any forest-related policy to prevent deforestation as a result of the entity’s operations and/or actions, during the period?


""Deforestation" means the temporary or permanent human-induced conversion of forested land to non-forested land.


Boolean: Yes or No


Forests store large amounts of carbon while trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. When forests are burnt or cut down on purpose, the carbon dioxide is released. To prevent this from happening, a science-based deforestation policy, integrated into the organisation’s governance and management mechanisms, is needed.

The EU Observatory on Deforestation and Forest Degradation allows users to track the map of forest cover changes at a global scale.

Regulatory Definition

According to the (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, the metric is defined as "Share of investments in companies without a policy to address deforestation"