Unified Metrics Library - Work-life balance policy

Helper question

Did the company have existing policies to support workplace practices and culture in terms of work-life balance, during the period?


A work-life balance policy is a set of measures that aim to help employees achieve a balance between their work and personal life.


Boolean: Yes or No


The availability of work-life balance policy arrangements can prevent workers from taking on jobs below their full professional potential and skills level or dropping out of the labour market when taking on caring responsibilities.

Regulatory Definition

Work–life balance refers to the level of prioritisation between an individual’s work and personal life. A good work–life balance is achieved when an individual’s right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm – to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society.



Availability of flexible working arrangements – such as telework, flexitime, reduced working hours or job sharing.