Sustainability reporting
for startups & SME's

Build your sustainability reporting digitally, with an EU approved framework

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Your needs

Need to understand or report on sustainability?

Prepare for existing and future investor requirements, whilst getting ready for upcoming ESG regulations. Provide ESG metrics to your large customers who have to follow the CSRD regulation.

Confused about ESG and Carbon frameworks?

With the amount of ESG acronyms and frameworks, it's hard to know where to start. Here is a simple and approved framework that will be compatible with future regulations.

Concerned about greenwashing?

Gain confidence by aligning to EU standards with our transparent data and reporting solution and reduce greenwashing risk.

Our unique values

  • The only solution based on the new EU standard draft for SMEs
  • Carbon accounting tool included, based on the GHG Protocol standard
  • Our methodologies and data sources are Opensource
  • Simple implementation, AI assisted data collection

Key Outputs

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EU Standard ESG report

Get a sustainability report based on the EU Standard specifically for SME's, which include 30+ ESG data points.

  • Investor updates
  • Capital raising data rooms
  • ESG policies
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Carbon accounting tool and report

No need for an external Carbon accounting solution. We have developped our own Carbon accounting tool, based on the international GHG Protocol framework.

  • Net zero strategies
  • Offsetting projects
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Sharable data room

The ESG Data Room acts as a strategic hub, providing data and insights for informed decision-making. Your ESG Data Room serves different usages:

  • Call for tender
  • PR and marketing material
  • Investment and impact credit requests

EU standard for SMEs


Private certifications

Disclose your ESG performance based on a recognized standard
Obtain a certification from a private organization
Time spent
2 weeks
3 -12 months
699 € / year
1000 - 50,000 € / year
Data points
EU standard
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Private initiatives
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ESG disclosures report
Potential certification and report

Our Product Journey



Basic module

€ / year
58€ / month equivalent
  • Basic module with 30+ ESG metrics
  • Carbon emissions accounting
  • Document hub for audit and justification
  • Reporting
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Why us?

Fingreen AI will guide you through the whole process to producing ESG reporting at lower the costs and greater accuracy than traditional methods.

Book at 15 or 30 minute call with our team to learn more!

Automated SaaS solution

We are a technical platform. We empower self-service data collection and automated reports creation.

Collaborate with your team or external experts

We help your team collaborate and centralize data. You can invite internal or external collaborators to answer individual questions. Upload files to support and/or verify your answers.

Transparence and explainability

We provide full tracing and explanation of all data sources, definitions, computation logic, authoritative regulations.