Unified Metrics Library - Full-time employees in temporary contract

Helper question

What was the company's total number of employees in full-time equivalents in temporary contract, at the end of the period?


Illustrate the company's reliance on non-permanent staff, which can be relevant for assessing social responsibility.



Temporary employment, whereby workers are engaged only for a specific period of time, includes fixed-term, project- or task-based contracts, as well as seasonal or casual work, including day labour.

Number of temporary employees: This reveals the company's reliance on non-permanent workers, which can have implications for job security, employee well-being, and training investment.


FTE Per Year = Total Hours Worked during a Year / Total Working Hours per Year



When calculated, temporary contract employees will be considered according to their time of presence during the last 12 months. Thus, 3 employees on temporary contracts for a period of 2 months each will represent : (3x2) / 12 = 0.5 full time equivalent.