Unified Metrics Library - Collective bargaining agreements

Helper question

What was the percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, during the period?


Collective bargaining agreements represent negotiated agreements between companies and employees that contribute to positive social outcomes.




  • Employee Relations & Workforce Engagement: This question assesses the company's commitment to fostering positive relationships with its employees and engaging them in decision-making processes. Collective bargaining agreements are a key mechanism for ensuring worker voice and fair treatment, contributing to a positive work environment and improved employee relations.

  • Social Capital & Community: Strong unions and collective bargaining processes can positively impact broader society by promoting fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. This, in turn, can reduce inequality, strengthen community cohesion, and contribute to long-term social stability.

  • Governance & Transparency: The presence and scope of collective bargaining agreements indicate the level of transparency and accountability within the company's governance structure. Clear and open communication with employee representatives through bargaining processes contributes to better corporate governance.

Therefore, understanding the percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements provides valuable insights into a company's performance across several ESG aspects.

Additionally: - Specify the period: Knowing the specific period being referred to would allow for a more nuanced analysis of trends and progress. - Industry context: Comparing the company's data to industry benchmarks can provide a clearer understanding of its relative performance. - Consider qualitative aspects: While the percentage is important, understanding the content and effectiveness of collective bargaining agreements adds further depth to the analysis.



The information required by this disclosure may be reported as coverage rates: whether the collective bargaining coverage is between 0-19%, 20-39%, 40-59%, 60-79% or 80-100%.